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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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breakfast think, is why we go to "risk & reward" with deirdre bolton. >> i want them to tell me what happened. that is incredible. i don't lie like that. she is proven liar. deirdre: emotional response on fox business from the mother of one of the americans killed in benghazi. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we're going to have more from that mom accusing hillary clinton of lying to her face. but first up, on tuesday, there is a winner all contest in states such as ohio and florida. three others ahead of that. one last republican debate tonight in miami. sources say the establishment is pressuring senator rubio to suspend his campaign now, to unify the so-called anti-trump vote.
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my next guest knows a lot about working outside of the establishment. he is a three-time presidential candidate, former congressman from texas. dr. ron paul is with me now. . ulthk u r e me deirdre: i'm so glad. obama calling the rates, a quote, a republican crackup. do you agree with him on that? >> yeah, pretty much so but i think there is a democratic crackup too. i think there is a federal reserve crackup. i think there is a big thing going on with the whole system coming unglued and nobody knows exactly what is going on so it become as partisan, personal thing. so i think it is distraction from the issues i care about. like does anybody seem to care about the deficit and debt going up? nobody really talks about it. does anybody care about maybe changing our foreign policy a little bit? anybody talking about negative interest rates? these are big issues and they're
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ignored and the unsustainable, you know, debt and obligations we have. and then, yes, it is a personal thing now. with trump there, you know it is a partisan thing. it is intra-party partisan thing. i think it represents they don't talk about the issues and they don't have any solutions. deirdre: your son obviously has similar views especially where it concerns the fed and reducing the deficit. i know he is suspended his campaign. he stepped out. among who is left who makes the most sense to you? >> they all make no sense to me. because they're all in the same category. there is different varieties of republicans democrats but the principle they follow is authoritarianism. they believe the economy should be run and regulated, for instance, we have total economic planning through the monetary system. but that is endorsed by republicans and democrats. so i can't pick one over the other. personalitywise, fine and --
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deirdre: but you will vote, right, dr. paul? >> yeah, i will but i i don't se anybody on the ballot right now, oh, i i know who i will vote fo. i will wait to see who appears on the ballot. right now i couldn't lend support for any republicans left in the race or democrats left in the race. they offer nothing new. same old stuff and all big government. deirdre: speaking of same old stuff, the president more or less said the same thing. here is another comment of his on the race. >> what you're seeing within the republican party is, to some degree all those efforts over a course of time creates an environment where somebody like a donald trump can thrive. and in fact in terms of his positions on a whole range of issues they're not very different from any of the other candidates. deirdre: so, dr. paul, you're in agreement there as well in a
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sense all candidates are the same but they would disagree but very strongly. >> but basically though he could say that about the democrats too because you know their top candidate, 80 some% of the people don't trust her. don't believe she tells the truth yet on some of the primaries she would win 80% of the vote. that is not a problem for the democrats i don't know what is. i think there is problems in both parties. republicans would like to say it is all obama's fault. this is problem i see been developing over 50, 60,0 years. entitlement system is out of control. spending is out of control. republicans have not done anything to cut back one cent, even 80's with ronald reagan. national debt tripled. this is why people are cynical and always looking for somebody. but right now -- deirdre: they're looking for outsiders as bernie sanders on one sideshows and donald trump on the other. speaking of donald trump, he was on last night with sean hannity
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and here's what he said about going against, as he sees it, the establishment. >> these are people that are taking advantage of our country. these are people, i know many of them. they don't want to have strong borders. they want stuff flowing across the borders. they don't want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly because they benefit from that. politicians do what is right for people that gave them the money. not what is right for the country. deirdre: that is part of why trump has support in the sense that people, the average person really does feel like he is sticking up for them. do you see it that way? >> no. obviously not. and but i understand what he is saying because there are problems out there but you need a scapegoat. all the mexicans fault. it is chinese fault. why don't we look to ourselves to see if we have stable currency, to see if we have good economic policies. to say the chinese at fault, tougher bargaining, put tariff
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on 45%. that is so far removed from reasonable economic policy, that i can't understand how anybody would put up with that because that's, that cause as trade war. we know the history of trade wars. it leads to other kinds of wars. but it is very appealing to pick, you know, scapegoats. so it is real easy to say oh all those illegals, they're the problem. maybe we have some economic problems here. maybe our entitlement system, our economic policy and federal reserve created so much poverty here, we see those who come here as intruders. healthy economy, believe me people are looking for workers. they're looking for workers. that isn't the case now because our government, both parties have screwed up the economy. that's why they are not addressing the real problem. deirdre: let me ask you, is there a part of you that sympathizes with donald trump? that is to say, he is an outsider and in many cases is going against the establishment? i feel like this pressure against him will add to his
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appeal as an outsider but do you understand, at least where he is coming from in the sense that apparently no one in the republican party wants to see him succeed? >> yeah, i think so. he is challenging the establishment, the status quo. but, from my viewpoint looking at it with, you know, the philosophy and programs and things, there is nothing new to offer. just different variant of authoritarianism and planning, telling people what to do. but he is really, really, shrewd on politics. he understands the people's sentiment. if it is immigration he can play on this if it is isis, okay, ban all islamics from coming in here. send them back or bomb them, do all these things. he knows how to play on the sentiment but that justicer the pot but he is very good at that. he is very good, great to see establishment annoyed because they don't think they can control him and i'm sure they can't control him. i'm afraid that is the case. can't control him.
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that is half good. maybe he will challenge the establishment and maybe they will challenge the leadership of the republican party, but, is he going to give us anything better? is he still going to endorse this idea that big government should unare our lives. i think he -- run our lives. he let us know he is for running our lives and telling the world he is the boss. deirdre: dr. ron paul, always great to have you here. thank you for the time an insight. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> speaking of isis and the challenges overseas, a trove of information has been leaked to british authorities, names, phone numbers, family members of people who have pledged their lives to be with isis. how much it can help in our fight against terror. a mother of the victim of at deadly benghazi attack speaks out after hillary clinton said last night that she didn't lie. >> mrs. smith, what could she do, should she do now?
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>> secretary clinton, did you lie to them? >> i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost at benghazi and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son but she's wrong, she is absolutely wrong. deirdre: hillary clinton
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responds to accusations about her handling of the americans killed in benghazi. one of the moms of a killed soldier says the former secretary of state lied about the attacks. earlier today here she is on fox business. >> i was there and we were nose to nose at the coffin ceremony. she lied to me. she told me it was the fault of the video. i said, are you sure? and she says yes, that's what it was. it was the video. she knew full well it wasn't at that time. i know what she said. i don't lie. she's a proven liar. and i call her out for that. i know what i heard. i think i deserve to know why my son is dead. what was the reasoning behind this? can't anybody there, anybody, anybody from my government tell me what happened? the only thing i know is that the security guards that were there, that were shot and killed, i want them to tell me
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what happened. i want the government, not to call me a liar because that's incredible. i don't lie like that. she's a proven liar. deirdre: retired lieutenant colonel bill cowan is with me. colonel, thank you so much for joining me to respond to that really powerful interview. what is your reaction? >> deirdre, it is such a tough story. i have listened to mrs. smith many times over the last, going on four years here now and her story has been absolutely consistent from day one about what she was told at the casket ceremony and what her expectations were from things that she was told. her story has never varied. in sharp contrast hillary clinton's story about benghazi and what happens has varied many times over the years. so i feel bad for mrs. smith. i definitely do and for the other family members but she's
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right. the only person being dishonest is hillary. deirdre: hillary clinton, the government, some form of both it seems like, owe mrs. smith an apology, in not at least a explanation. she wants to understand what happened to her son. >> i think they're still trying to make their story sound positive to them. anybody following benghazi, unfortunately i would say benghazi has been in the news so much many americans probably aren't paying a lot of attention to it. it may not alter how they vote in primaries or the general election. the hearings are still going on, the investigation by the house panel. so you know, at a bare minimum, if not hillary clinton, somebody close to her could call mrs. smith and not only express what hillary said, whether it is true or not, that she deeply regrets what happened, give her a little bit of substance what really occurred that night. we've seen testimony come out, no question, big questions themselves about the security.
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i can tell you this, deirdre, catherine herridge has done exceptional reporting on this. this was preplanned event. a mortar is very imprecise weapon unless you know where your mortar is exactly meters where your target is, those rounds that fell on two of our people, that killed them at annex were exactly on target from the minute they left the tube to the minute they impacted on roof. this was preplanned event from start to finish. the notion that it was because of a video was a distraction so the administration could push out their own story. deirdre: this is very hard for her to personally reach closure i think and accept what has to be very painful for her, the death of her child. colonel i want to shift gears, it follows the same theme but this war against terror, thousands of documents containing 22,000 names, phone
5:17 pm
numbers, addresses, isis recruits was obtained by sky news. it was stolen from the top of the islamic state internal security police. so to what extent can anybody who wants to fight terror, the u.s., u.k., all of our allies, use this information? >> there is a lot of valuable information in there, deirdre. tell you the truth i wish sky news instead of broadcasting it, i understand it's a news scoop, i wish they passed it off to appropriate intelligence services or our intelligence services so quietly intel could have started working lists. now those people that fill out those forms probably know intel people have those things. it makes any information in there, i know that we could be using maybe not as valuable as it could have been. the fact of the matter is, if the report something correct. we'll know, first off we'll know names of a lot of people affiliated with isis, fighting
5:18 pm
for isis we didn't know before. we're going to know their families and their telephone numbers and we'll know where they came from and we'll know their associates. i suspect right now, our intel people, brits and us, trying to go through the names verifying who they do or don't know something about. looking on facebook to see some names they haven't seen before. there is absolutely treasure trove of information there. that doesn't mean we'll necessarily kill anybody on the isis side of syria or iraq right now but it certainly means it could help us unraveling potential cells and affiliates here in europe and united states. deirdre: even as journalist, colonel, i understand it would probably better to mi 6 and cia let the governments protect us, more quietly in any case. thankthank you, lieutenant colol bill cowan with me there. >> thank you. deirdre: senator rubio says he regret as joke he made about donald trump. former presidential candidate
5:19 pm
governor mike huckabee is my next guest. why he is talking about the tone of the racer and why it is very difficult to beat donald trump at his own game. at last night's debate hillary clinton refused to answer whether or not she would drop out of the race if she is indicted. some say she will never make it to the ballot. our legal expert weighs. >> assuming she is al to run, assuming she is not arrested for the email situation -- [cheering] -- which is zoo terrible, which is so terrible. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. >> i think what we've got here is a case of overclassification. >> if i give me permission. >> i am not concerned about it. i am not worried about it and no democrat or american should be
5:23 pm
either. >> excuse me the questions were -- [cheers and applause] >> permission from president obama? >> there was no permission to be asked. it was done by my predecessors. it was permitted i didn't have to ask anyone. >> if you are indicted win you drop out. >> oh, my goodness -- i'm not going to answer that. deirdre: biggest issue overhanging inhillary clinton's campaign. she may face indictment over her handling of classified material while she was secretary of state. attorney and fox news contributor tamara holder is with me now. great to see you. donald trump said repeatedly during campaign speeches if hillary is allowed to run. i'm happy to face her if she is allowed to run. will she be indicted? >> i don't know. just because there is an fbi investigation doesn't necessarily mean there is an imminent criminal charge pending. the fbi has been talking to people.
5:24 pm
they interviewed one of her former aides, who also took the fifth amendment during a congressional proceeding. deirdre: just to interrupt you. seems like her aides are more targeted at this point than she is, but that could change? >> i don't think targeted is necessarily the proper word, with all due respect. i'm not defending her. i want to be clear of that too. just legally speaking when there is an investigation they just want to talk to people. they want to see what they knew, if what they were doing was part after protocol, a pattern and practice because as hillary says, her predecessors did it. so is this something that wasn't in the law that just everybody was doing? deirdre: but if her predecessors did it, why haven't we heard about people's private servers, private emails, emails being forwarded out? >> well, she is running for president. i think that is the first thing. when you're running for president you're a target. regardless, if you're a democrat or republican. also i just think that the changing of technology, this is a new, this is a new area.
5:25 pm
this is unchartered territory. so things that were happening before weren't necessarily known as to what is happening now. although a server in the closet is bizarre. deirdre: it is bizarre by anybody's standards. you mentioned employees, state employee her assistant, bryan pagliano. he is the one who installed the private email server, as you mentioned, he was recently granted immunity by the justice department. he is cooperating with the feds. how much and what kind of information is he giving that could change hillary clinton's situation? >> if i look at law, the law requires that she had to knowingly mishandled information that was marked as classified. she continues to say, which is very special, none. information she had was classified. well, that is because it is classified after she had it. deirdre: but lawyer to lawyer, tamara, you had loretta lynch, the u.s. ag saying when pressed i don't have a private server. i don't use gmail for government
5:26 pm
business. i use a email that has dot-gov. people saying just the fact that hillary clinton had this implies something nefarious. >> well, it's shadedy, but shady doesn't necessarily mean criminal. shady doesn't -- and shady can also mean there are civil issues here. but i don't know if it necessarily rises to level of criminal conduct. that is why it is taking so long. they're really looking into this to see if what she did that's shady and not normal is something we can send her to prison for. deirdre: well, some people say yes, indeed. time will tell. many at that ma a holder, thank you -- tamara holder thank you for being here. >> time will tell. deirdre: a some say melania trump may not fit the profile after first lady because of her modeling career. brings up question whether or not spouses are fair game. former presidential candidate mike huckabee will
5:27 pm
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good, that's not who i am, what my campaign is about. >> do you regret that? >> i do. deirdre: senator rubio expressing regret against the attacks he unleashed against front-runner donald trump. that is to say stooping to school yard taunts is not for him. former governor mike huckabee is with me now. governor, glad to have you. what do you make of senator rubio first of all stooping to that level, then feeling bad about it, talking about that and trying to out-trump trump?
5:32 pm
>> let me say i've not endorsed anyone. i've often been accused of being a trump endorser. i am defending the process we're going through. deirdre: okay, noted. >> with the way some republicans have wet their pants over the fact that donald trump seems to be doing so well. i thought marco rubio showed a lot of class in the interview with megyn kelly. and that's the marco rubio that i know, the one who was my florida cochairman back in 2008. a classy guy. you know, not a mean person at all. when i saw him engage in some of the attacks on trump, some of the very personal things and really silly things, i thought, marco, somebody handed you a script, that's not you. and i was so very grateful to hear from his own lips last night. for him to say that's just not who i am. i think it helped him. deirdre: rather, a few days ago, he said i know that's not me, but at some point donald
5:33 pm
trump is a bully, somebody has to push back, and at time, i thought that was the right thing to do. is the tone of this campaign more childish than what you lived through or what you saw others live through? >> absolutely. it's not been a very high-brow process. and i think part of it is, is, many of the candidates had a hard time figuring out how do they deal with donald trump? he can do certain things because it's part of who he is, part of his brand. part of his shtick, if you will. it is not a part of the everyday way life for a marco rubio, or for that matter, for me, or for a jeb bush, or a lot of other people on that stage. deirdre: clear, the game has changed? >> here's what's changed. whatever donald trump does is going to get unfetterred attention. the fact he had the news conference the other night and he went for an hour, and it
5:34 pm
preempted hillary, preempted bernie, it preempted everybody because it's great tv. what it's saying an election process is really more about what's good for the media rather than what's good for america. deirdre: speaking of, senator cruz actually came down hard, not surprisingly on donald trump, but also americans voting for him. here's this comment, and i would love to get your reaction. >> donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and see him as an angry voice. where we are beating him with when voters get more engaged and get more info. when they inform themselves, they realize his record. he's what they're angry at. he is the corruption. deirdre: so senator cruz is basically saying anybody who supports donald trump has not taken the time to inform herself or himself of the issues, which is insulting? >> what he's saying is, if you are out there supporting trump,
5:35 pm
you must be stupid. you don't have good information. that is an incredible insult to the voters! these are people who know exactly why they're voting for trump. and one of the reasons that they are is because they're tired of the politicians, including the ted cruzzes and the mitt romney's who are corporately funded, get all the money from hedge fund managers and wall street. deirdre: so it's a rejection vote? >> it's a total rejection vote. look, i said on many occasions, deirdre, this is not completely unlike the french revolution. and i think that the problem is that our modern day versions of louie xiv say let them eat cake, we need to know how it ended for louie xiv and marie antoinette. completely failed the average
5:36 pm
working person, they're sick of it, and they're not going to sit back and trust that elect us and we'll take good care of you. the truth is, they haven't taken good care of the american workers and they're fed up and fighting back. deirdre: that's why we are seeing this appeal to extremes, whether it is donald trump on one side or senator sanders on the other. i love the analogy. it rings true for the moment. governor huckabee, thanks so much for the time. glad you are with us. stay with us, next tuesday in particular, fox business bringing you full coverage of the winner-take-all states, ohio and florida among them, coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. neil cavuto will be hosting the evening. still to come, "risk & reward," hillary and bernie going head-to-head over the issue of immigration last night. both candidates did pledge something very particular with deportation of children. we'll bring you up to speed. also former republican governor and trump supporter jan brewer is my guest. going to be talking about just
5:37 pm
how realistic those promises are? also the internet exploding over the newest captain america trailer. we'll bring it for you. >> not the one that needs to watch their back. >> this doesn't have to end in a fight. >> you just started a war. deirdre: superheroes everywhere, we'll bring you all the details. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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5:40 pm
. >> one of the great tragedies, human tragedies, of recent years is children came from honduras, where there's probably more violence than anyplace in this country, and came into this country, and i said welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said send them back. >> first of all, that is something that is not fair about what i said.
5:41 pm
i did say we needed to be very concerned about little children coming to this country on their own, very often, many of them not making it, and when they got here, they needed, as i have argued for, legal counsel, due process, to make a decision. deirdre: at last night's democratic debate, hillary clinton and senator sanders duked it out over immigration. with me now, former arizona governor jan brewer, who has endorsed donald trump. governor, so glad you could join us. >> thank you so much for having me on. deirdre: we are delighted. what did you make of that exchange between hillary clinton and senator sanders? you know your record well signed immigration law, which was controversial at the time, but now in the late of refugee crisis seems to make sense, the two candidates breaking with the white house. what do you make of that? >> i think their comments were
5:42 pm
really unbelievable. these two people are running for the president of the united states? they take a oath to uphold the law. america is a nation of roles and stand before the people saying they're not going to enforce the laws. if people come in here illegally, they ought to be deported. and for hillary of all people to try to phase this in and cloud the waters in regards to amnesty, hadn't anything to do with amnesty. has to do with illegally coming into the united states. and by the way, through my state or my lovely state of arizona. we are the path way. they need to do their job and need to tell the people the truth, and if you're running for president, they need to understand what the rules and the laws are. deirdre: so governor, last night both candidates saying if immigrants who do not have criminal records want to stay, and again, the emphasis, no
5:43 pm
criminality, they can stay. you're saying it doesn't matter if they've committed a crime or not, they're still break the law? >> absolutely. absolutely. the american people understand that. we believe in the rule of law, and by the way, our federal government hasn't been very good at finding these criminals until they're here and they've committed huge, bad, terrible crimes. deirdre: and, yes, there are more than a few cases that are just simply tragic. i want to ask you, though, as somebody who supports donald trump, if you agree with all that he has said? for example, he said very provocative things about islam and immigrants who may or may not practice that. here is his comment. >> i think islam hates us. there's something -- there's something had there -- there's a tremendous hatred there. a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. there san unbelievable hatred
5:44 pm
of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're going to have to figure that out. and we have to be very vigilant. we have to be very careful, and we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the united states. >> i guess the question is -- >> of and people that are not muslim. deirdre: so governor, at the time, it was very controversial. now with the attacks in san bernardino, a lot of people are rethinking what donald trump said. what is your take? >> well, as far as immigration, i think that we really need to put a pause in verifying who the people really are, why they're coming in the background checks, we live in fear, and we want a government that's going to protect us. but i will say, this i've got friends that practice islam, and they are good, upstanding citizens of the united states. but we need to be very, very vigilant. and, of course, i think that statement was made long before
5:45 pm
the attack in san bernardino. deirdre: indeed it was. governor, thank you so much for the time. former arizona governor jan brewer with me there. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back, my political power panel looking ahead to tuesday, whether or not john kasich can win in his home state of ohio, and marco rubio in his home state of florida? also "captain america" sequel is coming. show you a sneak peek at the trailer. >> sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. but you don't give up.
5:46 pm
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5:49 pm
here's the count so far -- trump is leading, 458. cruz 359. rubio with 151 and kasich with 54. next tuesday, winner take all in all states. key states ohio and florida. drilling down in florida, trump is leading, if you believe the polls, rubio's home state. john kasich leading trump 34-29%. my political power panel is here, conservative commentator tammy bruce, democratic strategist, first and foremost. what do you make of the polls, erica? >> right now, particularly after the win in michigan by bernie sanders, everyone is looking at the polls differently. i think the problem is that the republican candidates that are trying to win and banking on a brokered convention are banking on a default win and something that would tear the party about. donald trump is clearly sailing
5:50 pm
towards the nomination, also the same with cruz, but it really is almost kind of banking on the wrong thing. deirdre: okay, banking on the wrong thing. tammy, listen to me to senator rubio shooting down the possibility of a unity ticket. here he is. >> i think that's the kind of drama that makes it interesting and tv to speculate about. those kinds of things very rarely work. i'm focused on being the president of the united states, and that's my goal and ted's goal too, and you know at some point we're all going to team up, all going to be on the same team, i hope, and i don't believe donald trump is the nominee. i continue to believe it's going to be me. it's going to have to start here in florida. deirdre: tammy, what do you make of the possibility of previously unthought of combos? >> look, jeb bush is in florida yesterday and today speaking with kasich, rubio and cruz, they're all there. and i don't think it's about looking for an endorsement. i don't think certainly a bush endorsement would help anyone
5:51 pm
at this time, maybe even hurt. this is what they've got to deal with. if cruz and rubio were to unite in a unity team, that would make a huge difference on the ground with the voters. and somebody's ego has to take a back seat. if they're running for the sake of the country, they've got to be thinking about what would be best for the country. so right now, they say i don't want to do that because it implies that they're ready to not be president. deirdre: you're saying it would make sense? >> it would. like with mr. kasich, mathematically impossible for him to get the nomination at this point. mr. rubio is going to be hurt in florida if he runs. watch for him to remove himself, i would be quite surprised if he stays in. he'll be damaged if he does. deirdre: a lot of pressure coming from donald trump speaking with florida as his second home for weeks. but a cruz supporter implied that donald trump's wife melania does not have a classic first lady profile.
5:52 pm
here is the cruz supporter's comments. >> if donald trump is elected, mrs. trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude. the first first lady that's the third wife. and the first foreign-born first lady in a century. in contrast, heidi cruz would be our first pro-life first lady. >> what difference does it make? deirdre: what difference does it make, erika? >> the thing i said before, the trump campaign, you need to roll out melania, she was going to be looked at, critiqued, embedded in the public eye. it's a little bit of a low blow. getting her out earlier on is better to see how ridiculous these kinds of attacks are. what is the typical first lady? what does first lady have to be? that's something that may have changed in the nation's eye since laura bush. >> if i could add a little something here.
5:53 pm
look, we had very traditional relationship with the kennedys, and with the clintons, and what you had there was chaos that we did not necessarily see behind the scenes. what matters for a president is having a spouse that is completely supportive, that they can rely on at the end of the day and not have an ash tray thrown at them, or not wonder where the husband was when he should have been with the wife as opposed to marilyn monroe. relationships are often very different. mrs. trump is not someone we would have imagined. the interview with greta on the fox news channel was fabulous, and people were impressed with her. deirdre: i agree 100%, and take your point, tammy, in particular about strong partnerships as we remember nancy reagan these days. many people say president reagan could not have existed without nancy reagan's support. stay with me, a very quick break to take. back in two minutes. tune in next tuesday. fox business has full coverage of the winner-take-all
5:54 pm
primaries, especially in ohio and florida. huge states. our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. when we come back, social media going nuts over the newest "captain america" trailer. my guests are back with me to find out which one of them is nerding out more? >> the whole world is wrong about you. by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime.
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5:57 pm
deirdre: on tuesday winner-take-all primaries. tammy bruce is back with me now. erika, one prediction for tuesday. >> i think florida doesn't win florida. even if's a strong second. it's his own state. if kasich wins ohio and cruz wins texas, if he can't win his own state that will be a double
5:58 pm
leave. deirdre: he said he will not step out even if he loses florida. he's got a math problem. the math isn't there. he says he supports unity. but he means unity after he wins in a brokered convention. look at where he's polling, winner-take-all. there is a huge shift of delegates and i don't think they will go in marco rubio's favor. >> i think going against the fods, i think donald trump will take ohio as we figure in the momentum that i has, the realization everyone knows governor kasich has no chance for the nomination. it's virtually an open dynamic. you don't register with a party in ohio. you just register and you can ask for whoever. you can be a liberal or identify
5:59 pm
as a democrat but you are not registered as such in ohio. then you can vote as you please. that will benefit mr. mr. trump considerably. >> i love that you are willing to say even though the ohio state football captain coach endorsed kasich, people say that holds a lot of sway. >> even in kansas, marco rubio had every major endorsement including bob dole, and, boy, did he loss kansas. -- did he lose kansas. deirdre: social media blowing up over the latest "captain america" trailer. are you going to see this movie? there its also batman, superman. >> it's like the election season.
6:00 pm
people who normally work together are trying to get each other. i think it will be fun. i would like to see more stars and stripes on captain america. i think it will be good. >> thank you both. thank you for watching. charles payne is here "making money." charles: senator can rrp receiving an endorsement from -- senator ted cruz receiving an endorsement from senator mike lee. tuesday they will head to the polls including the two winner-take-all states florida and ohio. meanwhile there are two distinct groups trying to derail the trump train. president obama taking a swipe at republicans, even calling the state of the gop presidential race a circus. >> every time


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